Complete Sleeprr Memory Foam Pillow






The Complete Sleeprr Memory Foam Pillow features removable foam inserts providing over 12 different adjustment options, so you can create the pillow to suit your desired level of comfort.

Pillows made-to-measure: Two easily removable and re-workable traditional foam inserts allow you to change the shape and height of the pillow to suit your comfort and postural needs. These inserts take the risk out of your pillow being too high, too low, too hard or too soft. It's all so simple. One size suits all. 

  • Premium grade foam, made in Australia
  • Encourages the natural alignment of your spine by providing even support and encourages side sleeping
  • Visco memory foam repsonds to your body's warmth, and moulds and shapes to your head and neck giving your spine support
  • Comes in a 'breathing' open weave cover