USL Shoulder Immobiliser


  • Adult Black
  • Paediatric Pink
  • Paediatric Blue






The USL Shoulder Immobiliser is designed to support the arm and/or immobilise the arm and shoulder.

  • Easy application and adjustment with a deep pocket to improve forearm positioning
  • Waist strap limits shoulder movement
  • Made of a non-stretch material with a comfortable padded lining
  • Universal size ensures a good fit for patients as Velcro fastners and forearm length can be adjusted for optimal effect
  • Availble in Adult and Paediatric

Sizing Chart - Adult

Adult Size Guide 
Measurement Description
Length (Elbow to hand) 46cm
Length (Elbow to first fold) 41cm
Length (Elbow to second fold) 36cm
Height of sling 17.5cm
Length of immobiliser strap 115cm
Length of shoulder strap 108cm

Sizing Chart - Paediatric

Paediatric Size Guide 

Measurement Description
Length (Elbow to hand) 32cm
Length (Elbow to first fold) 28cm
Length (Elbow to second fold) 24cm
Height of sling 11.5cm (front) 15cm (rear)
Length of immobiliser strap 109cm
Length of shoulder strap 91cm