USL Resistive Exercise Tubing 1.5m


  • 1.5m Yellow
  • 1.5m Red
  • 1.5m Green
  • 1.5m Blue
  • 1.5m Black






USL Resistive Exercise Tubing 1.5m is an incredibly simple, but effective tool for working your muscles. Resistance-tube training can help you boost stamina, flexibility and increase range of motion. Recommend by Physiotherapists  to help in rehabilitation, increase range of movement and improve co-ordination.

  • Durable latex material guarantees a great elastic response and high resilience, so they won’t break or wear out easily. The tubing will maintain tension, so you get the most from your exercises
  • Excellent for strength training, physical therapy, rehabilitation, Pilates and stretching. Add them to any strength routine to challenge your muscles, or use to assist in stretching for increased flexibility
  • Available in 5 resistance levels Yellow = X-Light, Red = Light, Green = Medium, Blue = Heavy, Black = X-Heavy. Easily adapt resistance levels during your workout for various muscles, depending on their strength and flexibility