Walking Stick Adjustable


  • Floral
  • Folding Black
  • Black






Walking Stick Adjustable is a lightweight, aluminium, foldable stick designed with an adjustable height which will provide support while walking. 

  • Made of aluminum tubing
  • Quailty & stylish
  • Designs vary
  • Allows you to be independent and move around with ease
  • Adjusts to suit your height
  • Comfortable to hold because you can wrap it around your hand on the front of the stick and you can easily grip the back of the handle
  • You can fold it and keep it inside your bag when not in use


  • The walking stick user needs to stand upright, in the type of shoes they usually wear, with their arms hanging naturally by their sides.
  • Another person should turn the walking stick upside down, so that the tandle of the stick rests on the floor.
  • Position the stick next to the user, adjust stick so it is level with the bump at the bottom of the wrist bone.
  • Secure threaded collar once desired height is achieved.